The Board recognises the gravity and importance of corporate governance. The Board has established Audit, Nomination and Remuneration Committees, all with defined terms of reference, modelled closely on the provisions of the UK Corporate Governance Code. A copy can also be viewed on the download links available.

Role of the Board 

The Board are collectively responsible to shareholders for the delivery of long term value, providing effective challenge and support to management and oversight of effective risk management and internal control systems.


Audit Committee
Nomination Committee
Remuneration Committee

Non-executive directors – letters of appointment

Trudy Schoolenberg
Dorothee Deuring
Steve Good
John O'Higgins
Christine Soden

Social & environmental

Modern slavery - transparency statement
HSE policy
Water Stewardship Statement and Policy
UK Living Wage accreditation
Independent Verification Opinion of environmental data 2021
UN Global Compact Elementis Communication on progress 2022
Biodiversity statement

Board and Committee governance

Division of responsibilities – Board roles
Remuneration Committee - terms of reference
Policy on Board diversity
Matters reserved for the Board
Policy on non-audit services
Nomination Committee - terms of reference
Audit Committee - terms of reference
Non-executive directors – letters of appointment

Ethics & compliance

Tax Strategy
Anti-corruption policy
Animal testing policy
Code of Conduct and Ethics